Kentucky Wildcats Men’s Basketball August Game Schedule Announced

aaharrison The Kentucky Wildcats will be taking a pre season road trip this year. The Wildcats will be headed to the Bahamas to play a series of exhibition games. Mark your calendars, as the Big Blue Nation will get to see the Cats in action August 9th through the 17th.


Aug. 10: Kentucky vs. French Pro Team or Puerto Rico Reserves 5 p.m
Aug. 11: Kentucky vs. French Pro team or Puerto Rico Reserves 1 p.m
Aug. 12: Kentucky vs. French Pro team or Puerto Rico Reserves 1 p.m.
Aug. 14: Kentucky vs. Dominican Republic National Team, 5 p.m.
Aug. 16: Kentucky vs. French Pro Team or Puerto Rico Reserves 1 p.m
Aug 17: Kentucky vs. Dominican Republic Team, 12 p.m.


Calipari Admits that NBA Teams Offered him Major Money

Interview via Kentucky Sports Radio 

Coach Calipari admits that NBA teams offered him major money.  This confirms the reports that Calipari turned down a multi year contract to coach the Cleveland Cavaliers.  This really shows how much Calipari is committed to Kentucky.  He turns down more money to come back and be the head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats.



Harrison Twins Helped Keep Calipari in Lexington

Many fans and members of the Big Blue Nation are hopeful that John Calipari is a “4 Life” coach at Kentucky . Sources say , however , that our hope was nearly crushed as Calipari contemplated a jump to the NBA with the Cleveland Cavs.
Reports are flying in , and it seems Calipari confirmed them on Kentucky Sports Radio today , that Calipari was in discussion with the Cavs. The Cavs offered Calipari over 60 millions dollars to come to the NBA .
Sources around Calipari are saying that he thought about taking the deal if not for the Harrison Twins . With the twins coming back , it made the decision to stay much easier .
The Big Blue Nation can take a deep breathe and relax . Calipari this week turned down more money at Cleveland to come back and coach at UK .

John Calipari – The $52 Million Dollar Man

calipariJohn Calipari just inked a new deal with the Kentucky Wildcats that will help keep him in Lexington through the 2021 season.  Calipari’s new contract could earn him $52 million dollars over the course of the agreement.

“I’d like to thank Mitch (Barnhart) and Dr. Capilouto for their commitment to me, my family and the basketball staff. I’ve said over and over that I have the best job in the country. With the continued support from our administration and the greatest, craziest fans in college basketball, we have accomplished a lot in our five quick years, but we still have lofty goals for the future. We want to continue to help young people and their families reach their dreams, while at the same time maintaining our success on the basketball court, in the classroom and in the community.” – John Calipari