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Schedule News, and Lots of It – Kentucky Wildcats Give Fans a Glimpse of the Schedule

     Coach just updated a post with a sneak peek of next years schedule and beyond.  After reading the article I became very excited about of news that Cal has released about the potential matchups UK fans will get to see.

First, Coach Cal confirmed that the North Carolina series will be returning in 2013-2014.  This comes off the heels of rumors that the series may not restart this soon.   I really enjoy the UNC games because it always a great atmosphere no matter if at Rupp or in North Carolina.

Second, Coach Cal stated that he is in negotiations with Coach K from Duke.  Cal is hopeful that he can get a multi year series started with Duke that would be played at neutral sites each year.   If you read my other posts, I commented on the rumors that both UNC and Duke may wind up in the SEC and play Kentucky each year.  Though they aren’t coming to the SEC yet, it looks like my predication about them playing will come true.

Some other big news concering 2013 was also released by Coach Cal today.  Kentucky will play Baylor in Cowboys Stadium located in Dallas Texas.  There will be a chance for the Kentucky / Baylor game to break the NCAA all-time single game attendance record.


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