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Archie Goodwin Looking Strong in Practice

The Big Blue Nation should to get used to hearing about Archie Goodwin.  Archie comes into Lexington with big expectations and a really hard act to follow.  It is going to be tough replacing the 2012 National Championship team, however Goodwin looks up the task.  Eric Lindsey of was very impressed with a recent open practice of Goodwins.  Below is an excerpt from his article :

Goodwin could be a great defender very quickly. He has really bought into playing defense and has the footwork and speed to be a shutdown perimeter defender. Few people will pick Ryan Harrow’s pocket this season, but Goodwin got him a couple times when he was matched up one-on-one with him. He also doesn’t give up. After Julius Mays crossed him over at half court and blew past him, Goodwin shifted his speed into another gear, sprinted back and rejected Mays from behind. Mays turned around and smiled at Goodwin because he thought he had all day to get his jumper off.

Goodwin is fearless. I said it in the previous practice report, but I’m going to say it again: He is going to make more SportsCenter highlights than any other player on this team because of his ability to rise up and finish over defenders. When he decides he wants to finish at the rim, it’s like he’s rocketing off the floor. On one play  he elevated right over Noel, just narrowly missing a vicious dunk. The more I watch him with his skill level and mindset, the more I think he could be this team’s leading scorer.


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