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John Wall to Get UK Logo Tattoo on his Chest

walltattoo613a    Think John Wall is going to let Rick Pitino outdo him on tattoos? Think again. John Wall is planning on placing a UK logo on his chest.

A star adorns the middle of Wall’s chest. Above one breast is a tribute to his mother, which includes her name and a reference to Wall as a mama’s boy. On his back are the words “Great Wall,” made out of bricks; Harris eventually plans to tattoo the University of Kentucky logo — and possibly other symbols — on top of that “wall.”

“I think he’s gonna finish his back and probably get the rest of his chest done,” Harris said. “He’s going to get more before the season. Trust me. You’ll see me up in Washington.”

The work thus far, though, has been done in Southern California, where Harris said Wall is working out with the same shooting coach who trains Durant. Yup, there’s that name again.



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